Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP  269 – Andrea K Marlow


Dear Sir/Madam

I support the petitions that call for a review of TAN8 and an examination of the traffic movements in Mid Wales.
My reasons for this are that there is a total disregard for beautiful Mid Wales with plans to put up so many turbines of huge dimension and on top of that huge pylons and a huge sub-station.

Mid Wales relies on it's landscape for it's survival. Ruin that and you ruin Mid Wales.

These wind turbines are so inefficient that it really is not viable to ruin our countryside for such a low production of energy.

In additon to this there is a real health risk to children living near pylons.

Our traffic problems are already causing the economy of Mid Wales to suffer.

Please review TAN8.

Your faithfully
Andrea K Marlow