Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 254 – Roger and Sarah May


Dear Sir,


I am writing this email "letter" to you as I understand that The National Assembly for Wales’ Environment and Sustainability Committee is undertaking an inquiry into energy policy and planning in Wales.


Firstly I should state that I have a Masters Degree in Physics, so speak with at least a little authority. I am not just a "NIMBY"


My particular area of concern is the Welsh Government planning guidance as it relates to onshore wind energy and the impact on local communities and infrastructure. My family and I live in the middle of the area in Mid Wales where numerous windfarms are being planned as part of TAN8.


I would ask you to consider very carefully the huge impact this is going to have on our lives and environment, for many reasons, but for my family the primary effect is going to be the chaos to our road infrastructure. Our area is served primarily by very small lanes, normally large enough for 1 vehicle. The planned journeys of heavy goods vehicles for many years no matter whether you believe the constructors hype or the more dire predictions, will devistate the area, not just physically but financially as well. How is it going to be possible to even get our children to schools along these lanes when there will be a continous flow of heavy goods vehicles, let alone getting to work ?  Who is going to be brave enough to give the green light to these windfarm proposals, when they know the decision will devistate so many peoples lives ? Personally I would not sleep at night ever again.


When you consider other facts about windfarms, how can any rational thinking person even get past the first hurdle when considering whether onshore windfarms are a "good idea" ?

Finally, consider this simple logic :-


Wind does not blow all the time, so even if we had a million turbines we would need a backup source - FACT

Therefore, we need a backup generation system, capable of switching immediately as soon as demand on the grid requires it - FACT

Coil, Oil, Gas are running out and produce polution and greenhouse gases, so not a good idea as a backup - FACT

Nuclear power does not polute the atmosphere or produce greenhouse gases and fuel is not running out. Admitedly has other issues, but is currently the only sustainable method of supplying sufficient electricity to the grid continuously - FACT

So, if a nuclear power station is running as a backup (it has to run continuosuly so it can cut in immediately), then there is no need for any wind turbines - FACT


I sincerely hope that someone is going to do the right thing here for once...........................




Roger and Sarah May