Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 252 – Dr A Cresswell


I am increasingly frustrated, angry and appalled by the Welsh Goverment's continuing drift towards onshore wind energy in this country. 

In Montgomeryshire we stand to lose our most valuable asset - landscape and our most lucrative industry - tourism for a subsidised electricity industry based on the least energy-dense resource we have on the planet - the air.

Every household and business is paying (through their electricity bills) an energy tax unrelated to and regardless of their income, this is iniquitous and undemocratic.

TAN 8 was brought into being by a minority government and its potential impact was never properly researched. Why are we hide-bound by this? Why can't our present, majority politicians do something to replace it?

I responded to the TAN 8 consultation, which had the biggest response for any consultation in Wales. I have looked at the all the responses to this and seen that fewer than 10% were in favour. The public was overwhelmingly against the proposals, but this made absolutely difference to the final TAN 8 document.

I wonder why am I bothering, yet again, to respond to a consultation when nothing is ever taken into account.

Yours most sincerely


Dr A Cresswell     BSc, PhD, PGCE