Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 246 – Zoe Smith


Dear Sirs.

I would like my views taken into account by the committee who have requested responses.  Please note that the week I have been given to put a response together is not long enough and thus my points listed below are limited in repsect of my full views.


. Regarding TAN8.  This is out of date and flawed - 606 ft unlimited turbines and the power links will undoubtedly ruin the area, the stunning countryside and the views it is loved for.



.This project is already devaluing homes in the area.  My neighbour needs to

sell..... and cant.   I have and still work hard for my home in an area I choose

to live in due to its beauty and resources.  I work in the area too. I like many

others live a fairly low carbon existance.


.the disruption in transportation of turbines and substations is huge.  The

report by Capita Symonds states that emergency vehicles will have problems

getting to local communities.....  doesnt this raise any alarm bells with

anyone?  You are potentially putting lives at risk.


.Economy - we rely on tourism and this will hit hard at a time where people are

more likely to holiday in the area due to the increasing costs of going abroad.


.From my own work perspective, my main office is in Cardiff but I work in the

Newtown office.  How long will it be before the transport links between here and

Cardiff are clogged up - I'm sure my bosses will think about closing the Newtown

office due to the long term impact on roads etc.  So will other businesses, so

there is nothing to support any econimic sustainability in the area.  I know

there are businesses relocating due to TAN8 and it's implications.  The

transport issues, the massive amounts of abnormal loads over 5 years plus, and

the construction vehicles & supplies.


.Masses of concrete needed for the infrastructure, not very green.  The

componants of turbines are causing ecological disasters in the countries they

come from. The carbon footprint for the project is massive for little if any

gain.  No sustainability here!



.The placing of massive concrete foundations on water catchment areas.... has

anyone looked at how this will not only effect water run off, but water supplies

to those who have their water supplied by wells.


Noise from turbines and the effect on wildlife - bats and birds in particular.


.An environmental study.....

.just how many trees are we expected to fell?  


.Electro Magnetic Fields and the effects on people  and wildlife.  Draper report

2005 and subsequent reports on depression etc.


.The total lack of any strategy or coordination of this - it's a free for all,

there needs to be some strategic control, it should rest within Wales and not

the UK Gvt.



.Value for money. any options appraisals for the cost of this against the cost

of real community green electricity generation schemes such as Penarth Weir in

Newtown?  even one turbine per community or solar panels at a reduced price?  



.why more turbines in an area with no infrastructure, why not increase numbers

at existing sites where they have the infrastructure eg Neath.

.the visual intrusion of Pylons, were not talking one or two small ones here.


Why not put big solar farms next to an existing substation in an area that has

grid connections already.



Please confirm receipt of this email.  It is a fragment of what I would like to

say, please feel free to come back to me for any further points.






Miss Zoe Smith