Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 228 – Robinetta Lloyd-Jones 


Committee Clerk

Environment and Sustainability Committee

National Assembly for Wales

Cardiff Bay


CF99 1NA

Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales Consultation Process

Dear Sir / Madam,

I believe that the energy policy in Wales and the UK is flawed and requires a total review for the following reasons:-

         The economy of Wales will be adversely affected by the planning policy surrounding wind farms, which will therefore reduce tourism and consequently lead to major job losses.

Our roads will be frequently blocked and also damaged by the enormous transport used for the turbines and other infrastructure. This will be on-going for the foreseeable future as the turbines will need replacing in approximately 15 years. As new turbines are being installed old ones will be being replaced!

House prices and business values will be reduced which, in turn, will lead to school closures and consequently people will inevitably move from the area.

         There will be an increased risk to health from sub-stations and pylons, only seen since the existence of the National Grid (see the Draper report).

       Technical Advice Note 8 (TAN 8) should be scrapped or thoroughly reviewed. The overall and cumulative effect of the wind farms and pylons with their infrastructure has not been considered properly in any of the planning policies.

         On shore wind turbines are not efficient (no more than 30%) and there has not been enough consideration of or research into other forms of renewable energy e.g. Solar/ photovoltaic panels for all homes; off shore wind turbines; the Severn Barrier, or lagoons; thermal energy for all homes; hydro-electric power etc.