Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 219 – Terence Ingram 



  September 2011               


Committee Clerk

Environment and Sustainability Committee

National Assembly for Wales

Cardiff Bay


CF99 1NA


E&S.comm@wales.gov.uk   Deadline: Fri 23 September


Dear Sir/Madam


Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales  Consultation Process:                   Feedback


I/We believe that the energy policy in Wales and UK is flawed and requires a total review for the following reasons:


  1. The economy of Wales will be adversely affected by planning policy surrounding wind farms:


a.     Reduced tourism leading to major job losses.



b.    Roads blocked and damaged by transporting turbines and infrastructure.



c.     House prices and business values reduced leading to school closures and people

moving from the area.



  1. Increased health risks from sub-stations and pylons (Draper Report).




  1. Technical Advice Note 8 (TAN 8) should be scrapped. The overall cumulative effect of the

wind farm and pylon infrastructure is not considered in any of the planning policies.                               



  1. On shore wind turbines are less efficient than other forms of renewable energy

(solar, off-shore, digesters…..)



  1. Wind turbines and pylons are visually obtrusive and will ruin our landscape

and our environment. (Flooding, forests destroyed, noise….)


  1. Other feedback/comments:






In conclusion, we are opposed to the current energy policy and planning process in Wales.


Name(s):           Terance Charles Ingram