Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 208 – Ian Stamps

Dear Sirs
As a Shropshire resident I ask that you bring about an immediate review of the Tan 8 policy in Wales.
Shropshire has never been consulted on this policy at the outset and we now find ourselves in the midst of the threat of major infrastructure in the way of huge electricity pylons and cables blighting our countryside. We not only have the threat of this but the sheer numbers of windfarms proposed for upland Powys could also bring about serious flooding issues for Shropshire.
I have been in contact with Environment Agency in Cardiff and they tell me that Environmental Impact Assessments are being done for each application which includes flood risk but it appears there has been no cumulative assessment and no one appears to be forthcoming on this subject. With many windfarm applications pending how can this problem ever be addressed and how will the cumulative effects be monitored.
Shropshire lowlands hold a lot of the floodwater that comes from the uplands of Powys. Many people live very near to the flood plain, and although it is an accpeted part of living in the area, their homes do not flood. Any slight changes in flooding and/or speed of water run off could drastically change this. The huge amounts of concrete to site turbines, opening up of peat bogs, road infrastructure etc especially during construction could have serious consequences for Shropshire.
A reveiw of Tan 8 is necessary because:
  1. Wind efficiency is questionable.
  2. Tourism and farming seriously affected (Mainstay industries of the countryside)
  3.  Stunning countryside blighted and industrialised
  4.  Flooding
  5.  Traffic conjestion and unacceptable amounts of road infrastructure
  6.  Questionable savings on carbon emissions, seeing as trees and peat bogs will be destroyed, plus huge amounts of energy used to 
       deliver the whole project by way of concrete, vehicle journeys, fuel, turbine manufacture etc.
  7.  Many people will find their properties and businesses devalued.
Yours faithfully
Ian Stamps