Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 205 – Kevin Jones

To the South Wales Assembly Government.


I wish to protest against the possible huge amount of wind farms that could be built in Mid Wales.


I protest against TAN 8 because


I protest against the pylons because





I am a proud Welshman and voted for the creation of the Welsh Assembly Government when devolution was voted on by the PEOPLE OF WALES to represent all of Wales and not just South Wales - Its about time the assembly actd for all of Wales for the people of Wales and have the guts to do you job instead of saying yes sir to London.


Please ensure you answer all my questions because if you don,t I will make an official complaint to the Government Ombudsmen as I don't want a standard acknowledgement, I want real answers!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yours Sincerely

Kevin Jones