Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 199 – Michele Lloyd

22nd. September,2011


Dear Sir,


I am writing to voice my concerns regarding plans to build hundreds of turbines and their associated miles of pylons and lines in Mid Wales. I have chosen to live in this area and am particularly concerned about the lack of  forward thinking these plans demonstrate,  showing a complete disregard for those living in this beautiful and unique area.   


The TAN 8document was hurriedly written and  rushed through government, and because of this, now shows many flaws. It is out of date in relation to current proposals for renewable energy and is therefore leaving the people and landscape of Mid Wales completely open to huge industrialisation.


It shows no regard for the visual or environmental impact that turbines as high as 606ft tall ( proposed for Dyfnant Forest wind farm) or any other turbine or power line. Huge areas of forest will be cut down and removed, replaced by turbines and lines,  thereby permanently changing the landscape.  Flooding due to upland peat and vegetation loss will cause major flooding problems in lowlands.  No strategic environmental assessment has been done.


TAN 8 does not properly consider noise or flicker of turbines or buzzing/dangers of EMF of lines for nearby residents. Major health studies have shown that people’s health is put at great risk of cancers and stress related illnesses.


It gives no consideration to the negative impact that these plans have on house prices in the area. People will be trapped – unable to sell and move away. For those villages where people choose to sell at reduced prices,.......schools will close and communities collapse due to loss of residents.


It gives no consideration to the huge negative impact that these plans will have on the local tourism industry, which employs 6500 people in the area and brings £650 million to the area each year.


Transport issues were totally ignored in TAN 8. Massive loads of greater than 200t will need to be brought along our roads, over 3000 abnormal loads for upwards of 5 years. These roads are not built to carry such heavy or wide loads and will cause years of traffic chaos as the wind farms are built. Thousands of loads of HGV’s carrying building material will have to be taken to and fro sites, all causing major structural damage to our roads.


How will the emergency services be able to operate amongst this traffic chaos? How will the air ambulances be able to fly in the area with the added danger of pylons, lines and turbines in the area? We already have a very limited service and this will mean they will not want to fly to help those in need.


The TAN 8 document is severely unbalanced in its consideration of renewable energy, with nearly three quarters of the section being written to promote wind energy. Very little promotion of other forms of renewable energy has been given.


Finally I am especially concerned that it is evident that there is no cumulative impact consideration in TAN 8 on any of these current proposals. The impact of the wind farms, the electrical infrastructure needed ie pylons, lines and hubs, the transport problems, etc has not been considered cumulatively and is essential.


The people of Mid Wales deserve to be fairly treated and consulted. There was no proper consultation with the people of Mid Wales, when TAN 8 was written and passed in 2005. Many industry factors have changed since it was passed eg the size of turbines and loads, thereby leaving us in a perilous position.


I therefore request  that the Committee raise all of the above issues with our government and call for an immediate review of TAN 8.


Yours sincerely

Michele Lloyd