Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 195 – Lorraine, William, Sheila and Gail Jones; Cheryl and Russell Lloyd; Caroline and Bill Marsh



Dear Sir / Madam,


We are writing with our views regarding the Environment and Sustainability Committee’s inquiry into:


·         How the current devolution arrangements for energy policy and planning affect the delivery of the Welsh Government’s desired future ’energy mix’ in Wales

·         The consideration of the two petitions regarding the Welsh Government planning guidance as it relates to onshore wind energy and the impact on local communities and infrastructure


We object to Tan 8 because it is out dated in 2011 there are many implications that need to be reassessed.  We live on the Shropshire/Powys border where the wind farm and pylon routes will have detrimental consequences on both sides of the border.  Our families’ farms are situated in an area of Shropshire where we experience exceptional flooding in the Severn/Vyrnwy confluence, there are six possible pylon routes through this area.  Four members of our family, despite living in Shropshire, work in Powys in areas also directly affected by the proposed pylon routes.  We are concerned about the implications of Wind Farms and Pylons proposed by TAN8 for the following reasons:



·         Total disregard for visual amenity - 606ft Turbines - Mid Wales is beautiful the views are stunning. Within the SSA’s presumption you will have to accept a change in landscape character.

·         No assessment of the cumulative effects; flooding, displacement of regional populations of birds, impact of all the transport movements


·         Huge swages of forest to be cut down to accommodate the turbines - around 1000 rugby pitches

·         Depreciation of house / land value within the area up to 70%

·         No environmental study has been done on the implications of TAN8



·          Visually obtrusive

·         Depreciation of house / land value up to 70%

·         Health risk s- Draper report 2005; increased childhood leukaemia by 69% within 200m of power lines

·         Schools closing; people moving away will devastate our communities and schools


Transport of wind turbines in mid Wales

·         No mention in TAN8 of the transport issues

·         Massive loads 200t +

·         Structural damage to roads and adjacent buildings

·         Over 3000 abnormal loads 5years+

·         22,000+ loads construction traffic

·         The effect on the Emergency services

·         Extra loads to maintain the 800+ turbines in mid Wales



·         Value of £650m yearly

·         6500 people employed in mid Wales

·         How many jobs will we lose?


We hope that you will consider all of the above points in your inquiry.


Yours sincerely


Lorraine Jones, William Jones, Sheila Jones, Gail Jones

Cheryl Lloyd, Russell Lloyd

Caroline Marsh, Bill Marsh