Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 190 – Heather Brigland


Dear Clerk


I am a working mother living in the Penrhos area near the Vyrnwy Valley. It has only very recently come to my attention that this feedback is required by tomorrow (Friday 23rd), hence my late, and briefer than preferred, response by e mail.


I understand you will be considering 2 petitions, the first of which concerning TAN 8.

In June I attended Welshpool Livestock Market, where Powys Councillors met to discuss an urgent review of TAN 8, with the result being a unanimous vote (bar one abstention) for an immediate moratorium on all windfarm applications. The meeting was called following an extremely high level of local concern over plans for overly large windfarms and their associated power connections.


One aspect I am particularly concerned about are the shocking proposals for Dyfnant forest. The potential damage to wildlife by the vast felling of trees and the huge size of the proposed turbines should not be allowed to take place. In addition I have heard that the height relative to the surrounding landscape would make them stand out more than most of Wales' hills / mountains.


There has been much discussion of these issues locally, and a major concern is that no assessment of the cumulative effects has been made

- cumulative effects on local people - their livelihoods, house values, quality of life; on local wildlife - it is an area  extremely rich in wildlife; on local countryside - a beautiful area transformed by huge pylons; on local transport systems - mainly single track, hedge-lined lanes - to name but a few.


I urge you to consider these above 3 points in your inquiry.


I understand the 2nd petition concerns the transport of wind turbines in mid Wales.

I am concerned in particular about 2 aspects - over 3000 abnormal loads to be transported through our area and the effect on Emergency services in our local town, as I understand parts of the town would be totally blocked off during the transport of these abnormal loads.


I hope you will consider my views, and those of others who also live in this area as we try to preserve and defend it for future generations.


Yours truly


Heather Bridgland