Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 187 – Steffan Evans



                                                                                       22nd September 2011


Dear Sir,


                  I am writing to say I am against National Grids plans to build pylons and electric lines around my home in Abermule.


I am an 8 year old boy who loves playing football and rugby. I won’t be able to play and fly my kite because of all these electric lines. Also I am afraid that I and other children who live here may become ill because of the electric currents from theses lines. I am afraid that some of my friends will move away because their mummies and daddies won’t want to live in Abermule any more. I don’t think that mum and dad will want to live here but it costs a lot of money to move and it’s not fair on them. My cousins, my Nan and grandad won’t want to come and visit us because it won’t be a nice place to live.


I like living in Abermule, it is a beautiful village and area, and the pylons will spoil all this and harm the wildlife around the river Severn. There will also be a lot of Lorries and this will cause more traffic.


 I have seen Pylons near Birmingham I wish they would put them under the ground it would be much safer


I don’t think that windmills work well; it is not windy very often. It would be better to get water to make electric.







                                                                                         Steffan Evans