Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 186 – Cara Evans

                                                                                                           22 September 2011


      Dear Sir,


I am writing to object to National Grids proposals to build a hub, 400 kv line, pylons and the associated infrastructure.


I oppose the plans for these reasons


I am a 14 year old girl and I have lived in Abermule all of my life, I like living in Abermule because it’s different from living in a town or city, because there is a lovely   friendly view out side of my window. I’m glad my parents chose to live here and I was brought up in a nice quiet friendly area.


I have made lots of friends living here and some of them want to move now, but they can’t because if the pylons come here the price of their house will go down.


 I am very concerned about the health risk, I have heard pylons can cause cancer and why would anyone want to come and visit the area let alone live in it if there are health risks. Is it really worth all of the risk to people’s health, when there won’t even be that much energy generated?


It takes me and my sister 1 hour to get to school and the traffic will only get worse.

But we can’t move because we will loose loads of money on our house, and nobody will want to move here because nobody wants to live in a village with loads of health risk, big pylons for a view, and a place with no wild life and no tourist. So not many kids will experience the upbringing I have had.


I like living in the countryside and I am proud to. Please don’t put big horrible pylons here because even thought I’m only 14 I know the health risks and what it will do to the tourism and the village .Even my 8 year old brother knows that trees will not hide them!


In years to come  this nice friendly village that my parents  chose  will be lifeless and horrible because of the pylons and I won’t want to bring my kids here or come back if there is a risk of having cancer!.


                                                                                                          Yours faithfully,




                                                                                                             Cara Evans