Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 184 – Ffion Evans



                                                                                 22nd September 2011



                 Dear Sir,


                                             I am writing to you as I am increasingly concerned about   plans to build a giant 20 to 30 acre electric substation in either Abermule, near Newtown in the Severn Valley or Cefn Coch near Llanfair Caereinion, Powys.


Mid Wales will be spoilt by massive wind farms (between 600 and 800 windmills) with each windmill being built on concrete the size of an Olympic swimming pool and a small amount of electric (4% of the renewable targets)  being taken on miles upon miles (over 100 miles) of  pylons reaching heights of up to 48metre into Shropshire.


 This will of course affect, wildlife, historical places, house prices and there is a fear on people’s health especially children. Since I was young I’ve lived in Abermule and now I’m 16. I’ve watched this beautiful village grow in many ways but I’m outraged to hear of these plans. What gives the National Grid the right because of TAN 8 to come into our village and ruin it? Some people may say this is just a small quiet village it doesn’t matter. But it does, this is our home. This is why my family and others disagree with the plans to build a Hub station only 150 metres from a Primary School and in a field next to a housing estate. If the Hub comes to our village Abermule will be in a web surrounded by pylons and electric cables. That can’t be right.


 I’m fully aware of what may happen if these plans are allowed to go ahead. As a community we have come together on many occasions to raise awareness. We held a consultation day and we’ve held various meetings. My friend and I went around the village with a loud speaker to remind people of the meetings. We’ve also had great success with T-shirts we had made in orange and yellow with Save the Severn Valley, Pylons No Thanks or NO printed on them. I don’t want to end waking up and being ashamed of where I live. We owe it to those people who used to live here and the next generation to come. We don’t want Mid Wales industrialised with pylons that belong to the 1920s.



 PLEASE HELP US!, don’t let them put enormous Hubs and Pylons up in either the Severn or Vyrnwy valleys ;both are beautiful places that rely on tourism.


 These windmills will spoil 40% of Mid Wales forever and they only work for less than 20% of the time in Wales and are such a waste of taxpayer’s money. They probably wouldn’t be built without massive subsidies.



   Diolch yn fawr am ddarllen fy llythyr.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.



                                                                                                   Yours Faithfully




                                                                                                 Miss F Evans