Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 179 – Jane Bowen

Dear Sir,


Following National Grids local consultation it's apparent that there has been little consideration of the impact on the environment in both Wales and  England, some staff didn't even know which country they were in!.


The aim  is to reduce UKs carbon emmissions but in doing so trees and bogs will be destroyed which are both accepted as carbon sinks.  This will also increase the risk of flooding all the way down the Servern and its tributaries.

The visual impact of the pylons will destroy the beauty of the whole area on which tourism is based and is a major employer.  This will have a devastating effect on rural communities.


Rural areas a quiet and even low level noise can be heard for miles as can farm grain dryers at this time of year.  There is also the health impact on those living close to high power lines which crackle and spark in bad weather.


It appears from the consultation that all the materials required for any related construction will have to come down the A483 which once once it joins A5 at Chirk ceases to be a dual carriageway and goes through residential areas and then onto minor roads which struggle to cope with feed wagons.  The present level of traffic causes congestion so what will it be like during construction?  What will be the impact on adjacent buildings and infrastructure?


As the wind turbines are to be in Wales why can the electricity generated not be connected to the grid in Wales as there is spare capacity?




Jane Bowen