Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 174 – Michael Bowen


Dear Sir,


The National Grids exhibitions in North Shropshire with regards to the High Voltage lines exposed there lack of planning. They had no concept that the Rivers Severn,Vyrnwy and there tributeries

  flood on a regular basis and that a considerable area of land north of  Welshpool , to Shrewsbury and Llanymynech is affected. With Villages cut off and roads under water for weeks.

Particularly in the Melvely and Maesbrook areas, making the area difficult for access.


The ares`s of North and West  Shropshire and East Wales,have had money invested in them to promote  Tourism, develop the  many  Heritage sites that exist, and establish SSI`s in sensitive environments. .

Tourists on whom the area is  heavily dependant for income, do not come to view pylons.No matter how pretty the Grid think they are.


The visual impact of pylons, is awful, they are noisey, particularly when it is damp or wet, and there there is the Draper report linking them to an increase in childhood Leukaemia.


The contruction of the wind farms themselves, and the connecting infra structure has to be moved through residential ares`s on minor roads, over a possible 5 year period.





Michael Bowen