Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP  159 – Nicola Dearling


Dear Environment and Sustainability Committee


I respond to you as an individual living in Mid Wales.


My main concern with the wind farm proposals have to do with both the immediate and long term effects of the construction of pylons and turbines. These are outlined as follows:


Environmentally: cutting down forests, as well as the unknown effects of the environmental implications of TAN8 for both flora and fauna. (Not only post-construction/maintenance but during the construction and transport of wind turbines).


Health wise: the studies which have proven a significant increase in cases of childhood leukaemia for households living within a certain distance of power lines.


Onshore / offshore: It worries and confuses me that our area has been marked for wind farm construction whilst an area of equivalent natural beauty in England would never be the proposed site for such a project. I'm also of the mind that off-shore wind turbines would prove far less controversial, and far more efficient.


Long term: I fear for the community in which I live. It relies heavily on tourism, which could suffer. It also relies on people staying and living in the area. People will not want to move here once the building process begins. The threat to our local school is worrying. 


As a young mother bringing up children to love and appreciate the area and all it stands for, it makes me very sad to think that our generation could think of imposing such a destructive and out-of-date project.


Nicola Dearling