Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP  158 – Anthony, Rosemary and Fleur Richards


Dear Sirs,


We write regarding proposed wind turbine and pylons plans for Mid Wales, which we find totally horrifying. 


Our beautiful natural landscapes are more precious than jewels.  These plans, together with the massive transport problems they will create, will disfigure the uplands and valleys of Wales forever.


There are myriad better ways to go green, such as photovoltaic cells, Ridgeblades, domestic turbines, etc. which will not destroy the environment or endanger health.  There is also Dr Rossi's game-changing and revolutionary power generation discovery which will soon render turbines obsolete. It is only artificial government subsidies that make windfarms viable.


Our tourist industry will be badly affected, properties in the vicinity of turbines, pylons and overhead lines will be rendered unsaleable (indeed, they already are) due to visual aspects and health risks.


I ask that there be an urgent and full review of TAN8, which is currently based on an out of date business model and goes against the growing awareness that wind farms are far better at generating subsidies than they are power.


Yours faithfully,


Anthony, Rosemary and Fleur Richards