Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP  151 – Sue Cullup-Smith


Dear Sirs


I write to show my extreme concern about the current TAN 8 policy.  I have attended a public rally in Cardiff and also the meeting in Welshpool of Powys County Council where they voted unanimously for a review of this policy and I agree entirely with the call for an immediate halt to any further on shore wind farm development or permission for planning for these until TAN 8 has been renewed.


Such large scale development in Wales beautiful unspoilt mountains is completely inappropriate and the wind turbines proposed are enormous and would be seen for many miles.  Not to mention the huge amounts of infrastructure required and road building, the noise and threat to wildlife.  Wind provides inefficient and unreliable power and will not prevent the need for more alternative types of power stations to be built to meet the energy needs.  We need to think of the generations to come and their enjoyment of the scenery that is unspoilt and breathtaking.  If necessary people need to learn to use less energy.


I have a huge concern about the issue of flooding in the valley with all that concrete needed for each turbine.


I would like to see evidence of a cumulative environmental impact assessment being completed for Wales and England.  This has not been done and I cannot understand how further development can continue until this has been done immediately.  


I have read that just the compacting of the ground from sheep feet and the length of grass affects how fast the water runs off the mountains and hills and into rivers which in turn causes flooding.  How much more will all this infrastructure affect flooding where we are already struggling with vast amounts of water.  New roads will be built, all that concrete will not absorb water that peat does.  February 2011 we had a very fast flood, faster than anyone in living memory had ever seen in our local area, we had no rain in Shropshire, the rain came down in Wales and deaths of livestock occurred here and one human life was lost in Wales when a 4 x 4 was swept away in flood water and others lives endangered in the deep water whilst rescuing livestock.


It is well documented how inefficient wind is and unreliable, particularly on shore wind, all these wind farms together will only provide 11% of the power of one new gas powered station and to wreck our beautiful countryside and environment for this is ridiculous.  I feel VERY strongly that this must not go ahead.


I realise we need alternative forms of energy but the amount of turbines proposed for Wales is out of proportion.  New 400 KV pylons should not be allowed anywhere, they are old and outdated technology totally unsuitable for the countryside or anywhere else.


The Mid Wales Connection Project must be stopped immediately.


Wales must be able to have the power to say whether or not this goes ahead.  Westminster must not be allowed to dictate.  People of Wales stand up and fight and we in England will stand up and fight with you!


Thank you for taking the time to read my evidence for your inquiry.


Yours faithfully