Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP  138 – Jan and Martin Watt


The Welsh Assembly's TAN 8 document which proposes the building of massive wind turbines across mid Wales and huge pylons across mid wales and north Shropshire must be reviewed for the following reasons:



Tan 8 was written some years ago is is clearly out of date.




-  Wind turbine technology has moved on and so have other forms of electricity production.




- The amount of physical/environmental and visual damage is totally

disproportionate to the benefits.




- There has been no environmental study done in TAN 8.




- On shore wind turbines are inefficient producers of electricity and

will have to be augmented.




- Turbines and pylons will impact on the countryside and destroy the

thriving tourist industry.




- The property market and tourism is already being affected by the TAN8





- The contruction of these turbines and pylons will cause huge

environmental damage.




- Communities, roads and the local economies will be badly disrupted

for over 5 years.




- None of the communities affected by this propsal can be compensated

for this level of destruction




- Please note too that the Welsh Assembly acted unilaterally as it

never consulted Shropshire.




- Shropshire will be affected by increased flooding,

environmental/visual/economic damage too!






Please take all these issues into account.




Thank you.




Jan and Martin Watt