Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 130 – Dale Callingham


Date: 21/09/11


Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales – Consultation Process


I believe that the energy policy in Wales and UK is flawed and requires a total review for the following reasons:


I feel strongly that the environmental impact will be enormous and will have a detrimental effect on the population of Mid Wales and the Shropshire border for years to come. 


The whole project seems to be completely out of scale with the landscape.  The hub, pylons and turbines are unbelievably huge but there is increasing evidence that wind farms just do not produce nowhere near enough energy to warrant this scale of destruction. 


The roads in Mid Wales cannot support the large lorries and machinery that are needed to transport these huge turbines and pylons through the towns and countryside.  Emergency Services already have a difficult job getting to people in need of their help due to the terrain of the country and at times, severe weather conditions.  How is it going to be able to cope when these huge vehicles are taking up most of the road? 


Not only are peoples’ every day lives going to be detrimentally affected, the tourist industry which Mid Wales relies on is going to be destroyed.  The people of Mid Wales are going to suffer tremendously.  This is going to affect not only the landscape and wildlife habitat but the loss of income to local businesses, jobs and community life.  Their homes will be devalued and they will find it extremely difficult to find anyone to buy their properties.  Mid Wales is an ancient landscape rich in archaeology, beautiful old buildings, hill forts, Offa’s Dyke, national trails and SSS I sites.  People travel from all over the world to visit this area for those reasons alone.  Once it has been destroyed it can never be put back.        


People are understandably anxious about the health risks posed by the proposals.  Scientists have yet to come up with a definite argument that this type of infrastructure does not pose a health risk to the general population.  There are also genuine concerns about noise pollution from the lines and turbines and hub. 


I now live in Shrewsbury so I am also concerned about the potential flooding issues.  Large areas of concrete will be needed for the foundations of all these structures (pylons, hub and turbines).  The lower lying areas on the Powys / Shropshire borders will be prone to a greater risk of flooding if this goes ahead causing hardship to an even greater number of people.   


I also feel strongly that the full impact of the wind farms and its associated infrastructure was glossed over in the initial TAN8 policy and the people of Mid Wales have been seriously misinformed over this development.  The Welsh Assembly also failed to inform the people of Shropshire about their proposals when they were putting the TAN8 policy together even though it will affect the people living alongside the Powys / Shropshire border. 


In conclusion, I am deeply opposed to the current energy policy and planning process in Wales.   


Yours sincerely






Dale Callingham