Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 109 – Mr R Watson


We feel that if you really want evidence of the impact such industrialisation will have on the area of Mid Wales, please come and visit the region, as many thousands do as tourists, and ask yourselves whether you and yours would prefer the industrial landscape around Cardiff for a break or Mid Wales with its own unique industrial landscape - caravans, lodges, farms and diverse wildlife. To turn this area to industry (turbines, hubs and pylons) to satisfy some political gain would be very detrimental, for by industry we expect increased employment, not a handful of jobs gained as opposed to the many lost for a known unpredictable and unreliable power source. It would also be unfair to people who have lived , worked and owned homes here to have their assets stripped of 40 to 60% in value with no recompense whatsoever.

Tan 8 is out of date, and the data supplied by power companies is vague, misleading and self-serving with no account of rain runoff and potential flooding.


Mr.R. Watson