Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 106 – William and Carolyn Gough


Dear Sirs,

In  the light of all the recent consultations and public meetings re the above, we urge you please to consider what huge damage this will inflict on our glorious countryside.

The people of this area can live with the current amount of wind farms we have, but please, no more, no pylons, no hubs.

We realise that clean energy must be provided for the future, but there must be other, more efficient, ways than blighting our landscape with wind turbines and pylons.

The damage it would cause to the environment, the roads, our health, our tourism industry, and more, does not justify what is being proposed. Probably in a very few years down the line, it would realised that it is not efficient and that other means be employed.

As we understand that Wales produces far in excess of the power we use, if it is necessary to increase output, then put the power source closer to where it is being used and wasted  ie. cities who leave unnecessary lights burning all night.

Please do not ruin our beautiful land.

Yours faithfully,

William and Carolyn Gough.