Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 105 – Gordon Gibbs


I object to Pylons for these reasons.



1.Visually obtrusive devastating the kerry ridgeway one of the most important and beautiful

    upland walks in wales.


2. Depreciation of property values in the area.


3. Risk to health,Radio, TV, and what little mobile phone reception we have.


4. Population moving away, schools closing and communities dwindeling.

    Would you like to move to this area after reading the above.

     I would think not if you are of the same opinion as most people.

     The housing market in this part of  powys is almost none exsistant.


     Has anybody taken into account the transport situation , Newtown is at  a

     standstill at the  moment because of one supermarket opening withassociated road alterations.

     What will happen to this area when you want to deliver loads of 200ft and above, over roads

      that are only just suitable for cars.  Look for the duel carrage ways in powys, its not untill

      you get to the heads of the valleys road that you'll notice them.


     These tiny roads of ours will have to take over 3000 abnormal loads in 5years 22000 + of construction

     traffic and many more this is not taking into account turbines not known about.




     Solar pannels on all new houses, grants for all excisting houses to have solar.

     The above means no massivley exspensive transporting of electricity around the country.

     A better return on investment, turbines are only 30% efficient and thats if they are over 300ft tall.


     Wild life does not suffer, no bad health effects, scenary remains unspoilt.  You don't need to spend millions

      on road and other inferstructure.



     Conclusion  if turbines not used.


      You won't be left with masive concret pads the size of an olympic swimming pool littering upland

       powys once you find out that a 30% effecent turbine will not meet the needs of  the UK energy program.

      and our children will thank us for the distruction of upland powys.


      Which scenery is the rearest in Britain? why upland Britain of course .  The one we are trying to ruin,

       plus the wild life that goes with it ie barn owls & red kite to name just two.



      Gordon G Dibbs.