Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 95 – John Clarke


To the committee clerk, Environment and Sustainability Committee,National Assembly for Wales.

Dear sir /madam I write as a resident of the Meifod valley with serious concerns over the above proposals which will without doubt cause untold desecration of one of the most beautiful parts of our beloved land. Tan 8 has total disregard for the visual impact of 606ft high turbines blighting the stunning views across our landscape let alone the untold amount of concrete filling the uplands with all the damage that will do to the absorption of water  and of course co2. Huge swathes of forestry will be cut down to make way for the turbines again co2 effected.Noise the last study  was ETSU R1997 14 years ago and concerned much smaller turbines to the ones proposed and the amplitude modulation House of Lords regarding the distance away from residential buildings depends on the height of the turbines.Depreciation of house and land values could be as much as 70% we know of a recent valuation of a property which is down by £100,000 this cannot be right where people stand to lose there life savings and for what, the fat profits of large foreign owned power companies.No environmental study has been done on the implication of Tan 8 and no assessment on the the cumulative effects in particular FLOODING we live in a high risk area now never mind when all this concrete is pumped into the ground as mentioned above the peat bog act as a sponge to hold water back what happens when there is no absorption the effect will be devastating.The visual effects of 150ft pylons marauding down our beautiful valleys making what is majestic attraction for tourists into a swath of steel girder industrialisation.Health risk the Draper report the increase in child leukaemia as 69% within 200m,the whole of the communities will be devastated by the whole effect of this totally uneconomic misconstrued proposal.No mention regarding transport issues was made in Tan8  the massive loads of 200ft+ over 3000 abnormal loads over 5yrs, 22,000+ loads of construction traffic what structural damage will be done to our roads and buildings many of which have great historical value. How will the emergency services land and air ambulance get to their destinations among all this mayhem how many lives will be at risk,and after all this what about all the years of of loads coming in to maintain these 800 turbines obviously never even considered.Tourism is the biggest attraction to Mid Wales with a value of 650m yearly and employs some 6500 people how many jobs will go when people no longer come.Caravan parks are a major player in this I know this is how I was first introduced to these wonderful parts over 30yrs ago and now I live here and cherish this wonderful place.People will no longer invest 20,000, 30,000 pounds and a great deal more in this they come for the peace the views  and the beauty please do not destroy what we have.If the whole idea of onshore wind power was plausible then fine but it is not it is an occasional player causing untold destruction making already mega rich companies even richer at all our cost.
PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN this total desecration of our countryside will be the legacy you will leave for our children and grandchildren they will never know the beauty we have been privileged to enjoy.

Your sincerely John Clarke