Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 93 – David Hughes


Please convey my views to  the forthcoming  Environment and Sustainability Committee.  I am an elected member of Kerry community council and for the last 2 years we have been very concerned about Scottish Power's plan to  run a 132kV line across the Montgomeryshire countryside and around our village.  Initially there was a lack of interest outside our local area, but with National Grid's proposals the whole of Mid Wales (and a considerable part of Shropshire) have woken up to  the threat to  our landscape.  We look to  the Assembly to  protect us from greedy power companies that are much more interested in the subsidies than their green credentials.   They seem to  look for the cheapest, quick-fix solutions which will deliver the highest profits.


The arguments are complex and need a sophisticated balance between the need for green energy and damage to  the landscape.  I am sure that you will have had many representations, but for me these are the main points:

I could go on, but it is import and that the committee hears the views of ordinary people as well  as the polished patter of the wind farm developers with their vested interest.


David Hughes