Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 92 – David Millett


As a concerned resident of Shropshire who will be effected by powerlines the Mid Wales wind farms I am writing to ask that the TAN 8 policy be reviewed.  Whilst I am sure that my opinions on the cosmetic effect of the wind farm and the noise generated for that part of the road will be ignored due to my post code, frankly what is done to destroy that beautiful part of the world and the associated tourist economy is up to the Welsh.  The knock on effects of the unsightly powerlines and the health effects associated with them, increased traffic in this part of Shropshire will be disruptive and prolonged during the build phase and should there be any accidents or emergencies it will be the NHS in Shropshire that will have to deal with them since the acute healthcare provision in that part of Powys is woefully lacking.
Dave Millett