Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 83 – Pat anf Robin Murchie


Dear Committee
We would like you to take the following points into consideration when making decisions about energy plans in Mid Wales.

Has a full environmental study and assessment of the cumulative effects been undertaken on the implications of TAN 8?  Have the following been fully considered - flooding, forests, noise, visual impact and damage to the environment, SSIs and natural inhabitations by the infrastructure, transport movements and the turbines/pylons themselves.  It will affect tourism and cross the national trails that people come to this area for Offa's Dyke/Glydwrs Way/Montgomeryshire Canal which are all closely linked.
Already people are talking about moving away from the area (if they can sell their house), due to the visual, noise, transport and health impact.  This will break up strong supportive communities and affect schools and livelihoods.  People choose to live in the countryside and foresake the amentities of towns because of their love for it or because they have been brought up in that environment.  If they wanted an industrial landscape and the amenities of a built up area they would have chosen to live there.
The effect of just transporting the turbines and infrastructure will have a huge impact and cause major disruption to our road network over a number of years and the years ahead in respect of maintenance.  This will cause structural damage to building and roads, the response time of the emergency services which is already slow to some of the villages.
All people in Mid Wales will be affected by some of the above and it will break up strong supportive communites and we cannot accept this.  We would be grateful if you would consider all aspects and the long term implications very thoroughly.
Thank you
Pat and Robin Murchie