Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 80 – Deb Justice, Ian Turford and Michael Justice


Dear Welsh Government’s  Environment and Sustainability Committee,

I believe TAN 8 is out of date & flawed. It does not take into account the feelings of parts of Wales that are and could be affected by the inefficient wind turbines & the chaos due to come to Wales if plans for 800+ turbines are given permission

Gridlock will ensue within Mid Wales, the roads are not capable of coping with the transport of the wind turbines and equipment that is involved. This will severely affect the economy by loss of tourism revenue & business losses and destroy the beautiful countryside. There will be a Total disregard for visual amenity - 606ft Turbines - Mid Wales is beautiful the views are stunning. Within the SSA’s presumption you will have to accept a change in landscape character. Huge swages of forest will be cut down to accommodate the turbines - around 1000 rugby pitches. The will be a depreciation of house / land value within the area up to 70%. No environmental study has been done on the implications of TAN8


Please review Tan 8


Please listen to the people of Wales.

Kind Regards

Deb Justice

Ian Turford

Michael Justice