Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 77 – DJ Dunkley



Committee Clerk,

                            I wish you to consider Tan8 on the grounds of the following. By their own admission and the size of windmill's construction company say they need 21,000m/cube of concrete per windmill, times this by eighthundred gives you 16,800,000 cubic metres. This equates to a hole one mile x one mile by 50metres deep. Where on earth would this lot come from and its not including any concrete roads or hardstanding areas for erection of the wind mills. There would also be the same amount require for the 180 pylon footings. Finally where would all the surplus material go, and what about flooding from any concrete areas. Please consider these points I have made for the beauty of Powys and Wales.

D.J.Dunkley BA Maths