Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 70 – Steve and Karen Howland



To Whom it May Concern


I would like to formally object to the plans for the above.  The effect on the environment and the people in the near and far -reaching community is manyfold;  the following points are just a few of my concerns:




1. The visual impact of 600ft turbines would spoil the beauty of the surrounding area having a major affect on house prices, standard of living and tourism within the communities affected

2. The amount of forest to be cut down to accommodate the turbines is a major environmental issue given the governments' developing green policies.

3 Has there been an environmental study done on the implications of TAN8 to research the negative effects?

4. What might be the cumulative effects of this plans   E.g. flooding




1.  The pylons would have a major visual impact on the Wales and Shropshire countryside, where tourism makes an essential contribution to the economic well being of the area.

2.  Houses could depreciate by up to 70%

3. Health risks are documented in the  Draper report where an increase in childhood leukaemia 69% within 200m of the pylon



The effects on the road network with the massive increase in heavy traffic remains another vital issue.



During current economic times, tourism, and the vast amount of people employed in this area bring much need income into the communites, which cannot be ignored.


Thank you in anticipation of your consideration of these issues.


Karen and Steve Howland