Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 67 – Pat Atkinson



Dear Sirs,


The proposed number of wind farms and a hub station in North Powys are unacceptable for a number of reasons:


Tan 8 is out of date


North Powys already has its share of wind farms


These developments will irrevocably spoil this rural environment


The health of local residents will be adversely affected according to the latest evidence, and the stress on established rural communities is being ignored


Tourism is a major revenue source here which will be negatively affected


The psychological/ spiritual contribution of the wonderful landsape is being ignoredat a time when depression and anxiety disorders are on the increase


The environmental effects have not been researched


The transport issues during the construction process have not been sufficiently researched


The turbines only have a life of 25 years and the construction companies are not required to remove them after the end of their active lives


Turbines only operate at a low percentage of their capacity and are inefficient, and expensive, the only profit is made by the heavily subsidised construction companies


WAG should lead the way by exploring the use of solar energy and reduction of wasteful energy use


Once constructed the turbines will result in a very few local job opportunities


This consultation process is heavily weighted in favour of the construction firms with their greater rewsources


Yours sincerely,

Pat Atkinson