Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 65 – Ms A Ra and Miss A Brain


Dear Sir/Madam,
We have been asked to submit our opinion, on the proposals for Tan8 wind farms & high voltage lines./Transport of wind turbines in Mid Wales and elsewhere.
Having looked at the proposals, and considered other elements of this whole form of energy, We can only form one opinion.
On a overall  scale of what it takes to mine, excavate, ship, transport, produce, create, ship, transport and re transport, etcetera.
Remodel and Infrastructure of roads changes, vehicles produced to transport the pylons, cable, wind farms, etcetera.
The Felling of the forests, and community upheaval, etcetera.
Common sense tells us that this requires major financial output and huge environmental impacts to the many regions and countries to create.
It also raises a large question mark over CO2 emissions . 
Wind farms as interim energy, is already receiving complaints and opposition.
Surely these are justified as they are from people already being affected by completed structures currently in use.
We do not feel inclined to want to trust it, support it, or invest in it, as we can not see the reward or returns.
There are so very few places of Natural beauty left worldwide.
We feel that the world communities should stand together and protect their/our natural resources .
And look to long term, less destructive forms of energy that will sustain us without causing so much damage to ourselves or our environment.
With that in mind. We are not in favour of the said proposals for Mid Wales or anywhere else.
And Vote an absolute No the Tan8.
As the Environment and sustainability Committee at the Welsh Assembly government,  we ask that you act now and withdraw any support from this type of energy and help to end the desecration and destruction of our homelands.
Did our ancestors toil and work so hard for nothing? Will we carry their pride and our children's future?
Yours Sincerely
Ms A Ra
Miss A Brain