Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 64 – Irene Earis



Committee Clerk,

Environment and Sustainability Committee,

National Assembly for Wales,


Dear Sir or Madam,


                                                                       Wind Turbines in mid-Wales



I am writing to your committee as a resident of mid-Wales who is deeply concerned about the tsunami of wind turbine installations approaching our peaceful hills and wild places. If all the planning proposals go ahead, it seems that there will be a continuous line of installations crossing from Aberystwyth in the west to the Newtown/Welshpool area in the east of the country. Tourists are going to keep away from the new roads, concrete bases, towering metal and lines of pylons dominating the landscape.


I have met some of the developers myself and they stress that the areas chosen for building are not their responsibility. They were selected by the Welsh government under TAN 8. I hope that this directive can therefore be reviewed by your committee and that in some way you can remove the carte blanche given at present to these energy companies.


I would also like to make the point that if you care about sustainability you should also consider the scenic beauty of the landscape as a resource which this generation should preserve for the future. Please ensure that Welsh people in future years will not blame us for squandering this essential asset which can so easily be taken for granted in our beautiful country.


Yours sincerely,


Irene Earis (Mrs).