Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 63 – Debbie Gilbert


Annwyl aelodau Pwyllgor A&C / Dear members of Eand S committee

We are a family resident in mid wales who strongly object to the proposed windfarm development plans and subsequent network of pylon connections which will totally destroy and industrialise our beautiful countryside without even providing local people with any benefits. We would like our views to be carefully considered during the debate.

with regard to TAN 8 we feel that it is out of date and urgently needs to be reviewed with the views of local communities taken into consideration above those of money making windfarm companies and the National Grid. the TAN 8 notice was written over 5 years ago and since then turbines have incresed in size and wind farm companies are rushing in to make money by preying on local farmers and landowners by offering huge sums of money to them. This is outrageous particularly when you consider that the people who object to pylons on their land will have their land taken under  compulsory purchase and receive nothing at all despite the fact that their house will become unsellable and their health will be put at risk  There is sufficient and increasing evidence that houses by pylons and turbines decrease in value or become unsellable. We just used all our savings to build our house on local needs and now are told the NG might stick a pylon within 100m of it . How are we to be compensated? and we're not alone . The Draper report of 2005 provides conclusive evidence that children  living within 200m of pylons are at greater risk of developing childhood leukemia. The evidence is there and cannot be ignored. The implications of what TAN 8 could result in are very obvious to those of us who live here but seem very unobvious to Westminister and WAG . We are facing the total destruction of one of the most beautiful areas in Wales which is also one of the poorest in the UK which depends on it beauty in tourism. Our house prices are already much lower than in other areas in the Uk  and will be furthur reduced.
As far as I am aware there has been no assessment of the cumulative affects of these proposals: the number of turbines propsed, the felling of acres of deciduous woodland, flooding, the lack of road infrastructure in the area to accomodate the increase in traffic plus the affect on communities of increased traffic, the affect on birds and wildlife etc etc.

On top of these concerns is the fact that governments are prepared to ignore local communities in favour of  multinational corporations  and use technology that has been shown to be inefficient and only sustainable by huge subsidies which we in Mid Wales will also be paying through our energy bills as well as having our area destroyed!! ! What happens when the susidies are removed. how will CO2 levels be reduced when more powerstations will need to be built to act as backup to the windturbines. If we need to decrease CO2 levels then governments should ensure that every person and business plays a part and that noone should be making profit out it at the expense of others. If everyone was given PV's to put on their roof including shops and factories etc in cities and towns and hamlets then people would be more responsible about there energy use. there would be no need for the NationalGrid to put up more pylons. If there is money to pay landowners up to £7000 per annum per turbine on their land then there must be the money available to fund such a venture and everyone has a roof.

People should come before profits and most people who live in Mid Wales understand the true meaning of being "GREEN." Many who live hear arent even connected to the National Grid ! are energy use is small and yet you are prepared to use us to provide energy across the border in large energy consuming conurbatins. Why should i lose my house so big shops in city centres can keep their light on all night. Its all wrong and the time has come for communities to stand and say enough is enough and for governments to stop and listen
Diolch am eich amser
thank you for your time

yn gywir/ yours

Debbie gilbert, Rob Owen , Zoe Gilbert (19) Dylan Gilbert(15) Aron Gilbert (12)