Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 55 – Mr A G Letts




Dear Sir / Madam


I am writing to support the petitions that call for a review of TAN8 and an examination of traffic movements in Mid Wales.

My reason for this are three fold:-


1. The  effectiveness of land based turbines is in doubt. Information given for calculating the economics of wind generated electricity is completely flawed and biased to meet the EU requirements for CO2 reductions. For off shore turbines the maintenance costs are astronomic and have not been correctly factored into cost calculations.

2. A satisfactory environmental impact review has not been completed. Wind turbines and pylons striding across Mid Wales will have a devastating effect on the tourist trade and therefore the economy of the area.

3. The traffic implications are enormous for building wind turbines and the construction of a network of pylons and power lines. The towns and road infrastructure in Mid Wales are just not suitable for the size and number of trucks required.


I look forward to the results of a review of TAN8 based on proven facts rather than manipulated facts to meets EU objectives.


Mr A G Letts