Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 54 – James and Susan Grafton


We write in support of the above petitions.


The basis of our protest is that we have seen no evidence to make us believe the wind farms proposed will provide the power in the 2010 forecasts, and at best, it is likely to produce 30% and diverting money at a time of financial constraint away from proven sustainable power sources.


Our objection to:


Tan 8 is that it shows total disregard for an environment whose main income source is tourism. It will lead to depreciation of values and was pushed through without assessment of environmental impact and ground absorption being depleted.


Pylons will be visually obtrusive undermining the tourism offer and associated depreciation of property and known health risks identified in various reports.


Transport expenditure to cater for long period o construction over 5 years already been pushed through in various locations without justification on existing traffic requirements.


Tourism depreciation estimated at £650 million annually but with potential , with reduced overseas travel due to fuel costs, to increase providing an opportunity for the Mid Wales environment to be truly appreciated.


More comprehensive comments on the windfarm project have been sent to all AM's and key Ministers.



James and Susan Grafton