Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 52 – Sandra and Paul Evans



We object very strongly to the plans to totally spoil the beautiful Welsh countryside in our area, or anywhere else for that matter. There has been total disregard for the visual amenity, and huge swathes of forest will be cut down to accommodate huge monstrosities of turbines and the ensuing pylons/cables etc. No thought has been given to what will happen to the tourist trade in Wales - on which the country relies heavily.   Also no thought has been given to the immense transport problems that will occur if the government goes ahead and allows these monsters to be built.   Land and house values in the surrounding areas will be decimated, and also what assessment has been given to the possibility of flooding of the landscape when the areas are covered with concrete?

If we thought that putting up with all the above risks etc would actually help the environment and provide the electricity required, maybe some people would think it all worthwhile, BUT WE WILL STILL NEED POWER STATIONS TO PROVIDE BACK-UP, SO WHAT IS THE POINT!   Half the time when one passes the turbines already in existence, they are at a standstill.   During last Winter, when the demand for electricity was at it highest in the extremely cold weather, there was no wind in this part of Wales, so the turbines were still, so why even consider the extreme desecration of our beautiful country?   You must be mad!



Sandra & Paul Evans