Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 41 – Mark Michaels


Subject: Transport of wind turbines in Mid Wales


It seems that the cumulative impact of the transportation required for all the proposed/mooted windfarms (over 800 large turbines at the last count), hub, pylons, cable and associated infrastructure has not been considered.

There will be over 1 million additional HGV movements required, at the same time as over 3000 extra long vehicle movements, around country roads that are frequently occupied by livestock and other agricultural movements such as wagons with bales of hay/straw.

Has anyone prepared and published a calculation to determine the impact on the road network and so to community life and to firmly establish whether it is physically possible to undertake all these vehicle movements, in normal working hours, in the time frame required without making normal social and economic life virtually impossible?

This work on the cumulative impact should be undertaken and published including a best/worst scenario before any permissions are granted.

Mark J Michaels