Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 39 – Kathleen Harries


Committee members,


Tan 8 has a total disregard for the visual amenities of rural Wales,-606ft turbines!!.

Huge swatches of forest will be cut down - approx 1000 rugby pitches. They will be noisy and obtrusive. The last study regarding noise pollution is 14years old and was based on much smaller turbines.


These turbines and resulting pylons will cause depreciation of land/homes of up to 70%. There is also a very real risk of flooding as the springy absorbent uplands are replaced by great slabs of concrete.


The health of the communities particularly our that of our children is also threatened with evidence to show a 69% increase in childhood leukaemia within 200m of pylons.


Added to all this is the road transport chaos. We in Newtown already face grid lock at certain times of the day, this will be multiplied. Emergency services, commuters, school runs, shoppers and tourists. The result will be migration out of the area. The decline in tourism will have a massive effect on jobs and the economy. Tourism at present is valued at £650 million pounds per annum.


I respectfully to ask you to seriously consider more efficient and community friendly alternatives.


Kathleen Harries