Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 37 – Alun Bunford



I write to oppose most vociferously the Government plans to deface this lovely part of Mid Wales with  the proposed energy pylons. the countryside in this area is one of outstanding natural beauty.

I have lived here over 75 years, have never tired of it, and would like to go on doing that.

The installation of unsightly Pylons will ruin that vision forever. It is obvious to me that this point is of no concern to  the Government (but it should)

The proposed TAN8 is a dreadful thought,and certainly needs a rigorous discussion,which will hopefully result in its demise.

I believe these proposals will force people to move away, especially from Abermule where it is proposed to site the electricity hub, and those who will not be able to move, because their homes will be devalued, will be left to deal with health risks of unimaginable magnitude, which will threaten future generations. Why does!nt someone listen to the thousands of appeals from people up and down the country to abandon these crazy plans, and consider how much is at risk here. 

One could go on, but all this is well documented, I conclude by wholeheartedly supporting those organisations that have fought so hard, and are still fighting to bring an end to this madness.

Alun Bunford