Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 26 – Louise Guidery


Dear Sir/ Madam,
I write as a very concerned resident and taxpayer of Montgomershire whose life is set to be blighted both financially and aesthetically by the imposition of Wind Farms in upland Powys and their concomittant power lines.
It has now been shown that onshore wind farms are not the answer to the country's energy needs, producing so little energy and at a huge cost which is paid for by the taxpayer. The wind turbines proposed for upland Powys are visually intrusive in an area of outstanding natural beauty, one to which people from all over the country come for rest and relaxation. Our main industry in Powys is tourism, generating £650 million a year, which will be seriously affected by the visual blight of these huge edifices, leading to loss of jobs in an area already struggling with high unemployment, not to mention the noise intrusion to local communities.
The same point needs to be made regading the proposed pylon routes to transmit this power - they cross some of the most beautiful landscapes in Wales, crossing over villages where there are small primary schools. The health risks to the children in these areas is immense - the risk of leukemia is increased by 69% in 200 m proximity to these pylons!
Transportation of these huge wind turbines through the narrow roads of Shropshire and Mid Wales will bring the roads to a standstill. They are narrow and winding and utterly unsuitable for this volume of traffic - over 3000 abnormal roads over 5 years as well as 22,000+ loads of construction traffic!! People will be unable to get to work, to go about their ordinary business and the emergency services will be unable to respond to call outs in time. The damage done to the roads insfrastructure and to peoples houses - particularly in areas like Pant where houses line the roads has not been considered.  Also the proposed 800+ turbines will require to be serviced thus adding to the extra loads on the County's roads.
Property values in Powys will plummet - estate agents have estimated that land and property values will be devalued by up tp 70%. Already property sales are stagnating in Powys and it is very diffficlut to sell property whist this spectre hangs over the area.
In conclusion I appeal to the Welsh Government to rethink its Tan 8 policy with regard to the proliferation of wind farms and the desecration of our lives and to seriously consider the implications of the transporation of these turbines throughout the County of Powys.
Yours sincerely,
Louise Guidery