Environment and Sustainability Committee
Inquiry into Energy Policy and Planning in Wales

EPP 1 – Anwen Roberts


For the attention of the Inquiry into the way UK energy policy affects Wales.


I read with a lot of interest the objections in Mid Wales to the Wind Farms and electricity pylons that are being forced upon them, and quite rightly so.


But I would like to remind the inquiry that there are a lot of other proposed wind farms that are causing a lot of concern right across Wales.


My personal concern is the Mynydd Mynyllod wind farm which is in Denbighshire, North Wales. The area in question is the Upper Dee Valley  between Corwen and Bala an area of outstanding beauty. The proposed wind farm would comprise of 25 wind farms and would be as near as 50 meters to one property. The distance for me personally is 900 meters distance from 2 of the turbines.


There are published reports recommending a safe buffer zone of at least 2 km should exist between familiy homes and Wind Turbines of up to 2 MW installed capacity, these at Mynydd Mynyllod are 3MW each.


But most importantly, and what I think should be looked at more than anything else is the fact that the proposal is outside the Tan 8 area.


It seems to me that these large multinational companies that are cashing in on wind farms are running rough shot over democracy and public opinion, and what is the point of having specific areas that have been designated for wind farms when these companies take no notice at all and propose to put these turbines so close to people's homes.


I look forward to reading the outcome of the inquiry.


Many thanks for your time,


Anwen Roberts