1.             Whether the Welsh Government’s approach to delivery of major trunk road projects provides value for money including:

I consider that the approach adopted by the Welsh Government for the procurement and delivery of major trunk road schemes does provide value for money through;

·      Early contractor involvement (ECI) provides buildability and the opportunity to manage risks, deliver innovative solutions and provide local economic benefit.

·      The lower risk profile of ECI procurement attracts a lower premium when pricing the schemes.

·      The procurement route encourages the “right behaviours” from contractors when tendering.

2.             How the Welsh Government could improve its approach to planning and delivery of schemes.

·                The lack of transparency and certainty in the pipeline has a detrimental impact on business planning and gaining financial commitment to invest in major schemes in Wales

·                At present schemes are individually procured and delivered. There is no synergy between projects, there is no sharing of best practice or resources between contractors. In England the sharing of innovation / best practice between contractors is far more advanced.